• Verified Developers

    Every developer must go through an application process to sell on Modit, which follows strict policies to make sure only the best/most qualified developers get accepted.

  • Tried and Tested (25,000+ Orders)

    With many supporting fans and customers, Modit has been tried and tested over the 5 years we've been operating and are getting close to reaching 30,000 orders.

  • Strengthened By Community

    We have amassed a dedicated community in Discord which has played a large part in suggesting improvements for Modit, script releases, product support and even community events.

New Releases

Check out all of the hottest, newly released scripts, interiors and clothing at Modit


    From housing and furniture systems, to inventory, multicharacter, player owned businesses and heists, ModFreakz has it all. If you're looking for absolutely anything for your FiveM Server, look here first.

    ModFreakz Mods 

    Want to let your players run their own businesses in your FiveM Server? Then you'll want to check out some of the most immersive, high quality, player owned business resources from Lixeiro.

    Lixeiro Mods 

    Hedwig offers fully custom modelled maps/mlo's of all shapes, sizes and scenarios, whether you want a new police station for your law enforcement, new housing for your players or firestation for those brave firefighters.

    Hedwig's Mods 

    Quality, immersive jobs and core systems for your FiveM Server are just some of what you can find from Matif, such as delivery driver, uber and standalone banking systems.

    Matif's Mods 

    Uniquely automated resources with highly detailed and refined animations, such as npc hairdressers, medical treatment and more, as well as intricate systems such as racing and marketplace resources.

    DevJames' Mods 

    Whether it's a new courthouse, tuner garage or custom tailor made vinewood sign, BoboBoss is sure to have some custom modelled MLO's that will help your FiveM server stand out amongst rest.

    BoboBoss Mods 


Modit has chosen to pair up and partner with some of the leading entities in the FiveM modding space who share the same ethos of quality first content creation and service provision above all.

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