Modit Gift Cards Release

Modit Gift Cards Release

Modit Gift Cards Have Arrived!


Gift Cards:

Hello everyone, It's been a while since our last blog post. Today's blog post comes with the announcement of Gift Cards at Modit. A gifting system has been one of the most requested features at Modit for quite some time and while it's not directly gifting licenses to another Modit account, I believe Gift Cards are a better alternative as it allows the recipient to pool funds until they're ready to make the purchase they truly want.

For example, you could gift a £50 gift card towards a £120 bundle they've been eyeing up for quite some time.


The current gift card values are as follows:

£10, £25, £50, £75, £100, £250


We will be trialling these values and looking for customer feedback to make sure they are optimal values for everyone so please do leave some feedback either in the comments section below or in the discord.

Learn more about the gift cards by Clicking Here

The Docs System

Whilst the main purpose of this blog post is to announce the release of Modit Gift Cards, I wanted to give you all A small update on the Modit Docs system. Progress is being made daily on the docs and we hope to make it publicly available sometime in the coming months. I'm sure you can understand It takes a while to make sure over 150 products and all the useful information surrounding them is covered correctly.


Product Reviews & Giveaways

Finally, I wanted to talk about product reviews and testimonials in the discord. Starting 1st of May, I will be collecting a list of every user who leaves a product review and will be entering them into a free giveaway to win some prizes as a thank you. These prizes will vary from gift cards, free mods, free services and more.

I do not intend to purchase bias with these giveaways, so I want everyone to be as truthful and honest as possible. Any nonsense reviews that have no relevance or are barely legible will be discounted from the giveaway and won't be a part of the drawing.

You can leave a review by going to the bottom of any product page and submitting your details there.

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