Modit Blog Launch

Modit Blog Launch

The Modit blog has arrived!

Hello everyone, today is the day we officially launch the "Modit Blog".

I've been looking for ways we can better assist the FiveM / Modit community for quite some time and we've set upon three tasks:

- A blog
- A proper docs system
- Making the discord more community oriented

The Blog

To start, let me explain a little bit about what sort of content you're going to see posted here on this blog. For the foreseeable future, we are going to try and cover topics such as development tutorials (both mapping and coding), patch notes/updates review, community events, new product releases, new sellers joining the community and more... I'm going to be asking a lot of questions about what else you want to see on this blog in the coming weeks, starting with a poll in the Discord, so make sure you head there to share your opinion.

The Docs System

So given the number of sellers on Modit and the discord community growing in general, discord is becoming a less effective method of documenting support, especially in terms of quick fixes, snippets, common errors and their solutions, etc. So we believe the best option would be to create an intricate docs system, where all sellers will have their own section where we can upload vital information all in one place.

This should hopefully streamline the process of finding solutions for you guys, as well as streamline the process of directing you guys to the correct location when looking for information.


Making Discord More Community Oriented

While the Modit discord is community driven already, we want to switch it up entirely and create more spaces for you all to talk about other topics outside of resource/server support, whether it be your own life, what's going on in the world, other hobbies you're into or even just sharing your favourite music. 

We're going to do this by cleaning up the individual seller channels as they're starting to look messy and is quite quickly becoming unrealistic to maintain as the seller number grows. We're not sure whether we're going to remove them entirely yet, but if we do, we'll likely try using a combination of the new docs system and discords new threads feature as a replacement.

After we've done this though, we will have made space for all of the new community channels we're looking to implement.

Feel free to let us know what you think about the individual seller channels, do you like them? Do you even find them useful? Do you have any suggestions on alternative methods for sellers providing community assistance?

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Hey everyone at ModIT. Just wanted to say i think all of you rock so much and the effort you all put in is amazing! So glad to be apart of a growing community with like minded people! This new system i feel will help to smooth out things for us! Thank you for doing what you guys do and putting out quality scripts! Love everyone at ModIT!!!!!


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