Vehicle Tuner Chip


Vehicle Tuner Chip



This script allows you to modify vehicle handlings.

All modifications are car-specific and they sync with other players.

- Modify vehicle handlings
- Track times
- Whitelist who can use this item/command
- All modifications are stored to db

 + You can also add modifiers depending on wheel type


- es_extended [v1-final and lower] users can just "plug and play" this script.
- This script works with any framework, but if you don't use esx it is not plug and play; You will have to make some modifications yourself to make it work with your framework.


For authorisation please go to your account page and find the token for your order, enter that token into your credentials.lua and start the script on your server. 

Some of the code included in this product, both server and client side, is obfuscated/remote loaded and you will not have access to it; Some code is available for you to chose.

Source code included, no support for install or use



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