Security camera Job



This script brings a whole new job to your server. The work allows you to install security cameras all around the map wherever you want. As an employee, you can install, relocate, and destroy cameras. You can decide who can watch them, you can either make them available to a specific player or to an entire profession. Sending invoices is easy by using a work tablet, you can specify the desired price for the invoice and write an optional message on it. As a boss you can hire, kick and promote player by using work tablet. In other words, all operations are performed on a working tablet.

- Install security cameras
- Choose owner for camera
- Change owner of camera
- Chage camera group and name
- Fix broken cameras
- Relocate old cameras
- Manage employees
.. and much more.

- es_extended [v1-final and lower]
- esx_inventoryhud with society_storage stuff (You are free to edit the storage code if you do not use inventoryhud)

Server file encrypted and code remote loaded through automated credential system. Make sure to fill out credentials correctly, and give the automated system 24 hours to authorize your purchase after finalization. If you experience authorization issues 24 hours after finalization please use the proper support channels to open a ticket.

Client files are obfuscated.

All support for this product is run through discord, please join (by clicking contact us in the navigation bar) and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you join the discord and DM me.



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