Ocean object looting / Loot treasures underwater


Ocean object looting


This script is a new way of looting and obtaining items for your server. The item spawning system is entirely procedural allowing for unique and random locations to obtain configurable loot all across the ocean; use the sonar tools to make this easier.

You can set specific items to be lootable via this method, allowing for creative compatibility with various other scripts; such as my crafting script, which you can purchase here: https://modit.store/products/crafting-customizable?variant=32903145455693


- Create your own item-pools for treasures, trash objects and edit options at Config.lua
- You can change script to use your own notification system at client_editable.lua
- At server_editable.lua you can easily make this script work with other frameworks than esx
- Comes with simple scuba gear


ESX 1.1 or ESX 1.2 or ESX v1-final  (But you can easily edit this script to work with any framework you want)


Server file encrypted and code remote loaded through automated credential system. Make sure to fill out credentials correctly, and give the automated system 24 hours to authorize your purchase after finalization. If you experience authorization issues 24 hours after finalization please use the proper support channels to open a ticket.

Source code included, no support for install or use



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