ModIT Store: Hourglass Dolphin Card


ModIT Gift Card


This is a gift card, you are purchasing a pre-paid card with a selected value which can only be spent at Modit, typically for gifting to another person or server.


Product Description

Gift cards are a way for you to "donate", "contribute" towards the server you play on, or simply gift to a friend. If you see a script you would love to see implemented into your favourite server, simply purchase a gift card and send them the code so they can purchase it on their ModIT account.

Purchasing it for them causes ownership issues as the license will be tied to your account. With the use of gift cards, all scripts can be purchased and kept on the accounts of the developers or server owners with ease.



Not every server appreciates the selling of scripts or wants to participate in the use of paid development services so please be responsible and ask your server owners/developers if it's okay for you to do so, before purchasing a gift card.



All support for this product is ran through the discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation and gift cards.

Refunds - Non Refundable

Gift cards are not subject to the same terms and conditions as other products on the store. Gift cards are absolutely non refundable at any point in time, under any circumstances. If you purchase a gift card, you agree to this term.



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