Custom Weapon Shop | 3D Preview

James Dev

Custom Weapon Shop


This product is a custom weapon shop.


Product Description

A custom weapon shop which incorporates all guns, attachments and skins, along with a 3D preview so you can see exactly what the gun looks like as you're customising it.



- es_extended [v1-final only]



1. There is now a weaponshop in the centre of the city.

2. You can go in there and talk to the clerk (if he is alive.)

3. When talking to him there will be thicc animation showing the weapon you're customizing. You can customize the weapon however you want, scopes, mags and even color.

4. When confirming the weapon you will then be given the weapon by the clerk.

5. You can also buy ammo from the clerk if you have the weapon you're buying the ammo to.

6. Every price in the whole resource is configurable in the config.lua **EVERY** single component is configurable.

?. Should work in onesync without problems.

?. If you need help with the resource afterwards, pm me (If you dont understand how to add / remove weapons from the store.)

?. There is no SQL file located in the resource, it will automatically add it to your database upon first start.



This script is not obfuscated at all, nor does it require IP Authorisation to use it, meaning it is a plug and play script so long as requirements are met and the code is available for your customisation (do not touch the code if you don't know what you're doing.)



All support for this product is run through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you can join the discord and DM me.




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