Vineyard Job | Winemaking


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This is a custom ESX script that offers players a unique and interactive experience at the vineyard as their goal is to make wine and deliver it to the clients. With realistic and in-depth features such as animations and props.

P.S: Supplies such as wine yeast and empty wine bottles do not have a gather point-as in there is no way to obtain those items as soon as you just run the script. This is up to you to provide a way for players to obtain these items (such as a store where they can be purchased).



- Animations and props used to create a unique and realistic experience

- Custom YMAP included that has custom half-barrels with grapes used to stomp grapes down to juice

- Barrel props placed on the side with the functionality of fermenting / aging.

- Configurable prices, delivery routes, and much more!

- Client-side is not encrypted! Allowing you to make as many changes as you would like

- Configurable notifications/progress bar in case mythic isn't your style/preference!


Requirements / Compatibility

- mythic_notify [Configurable; You can easily swap it out for your own in the configuration file!]

- mythic_progbar [Configurable; You can easily swap it out for your own in the configuration file!]

- ESX 1.2 and below are supported



If you encounter an issue/bug, you may report the issue in the ModIt discord. Please be sure to provide detailed information so that the issue can be diagnosed/fixed easily.



Please note that the server-side for this script cannot be edited as it is remotely loaded using a valid token you generate. More information can be found in the README.txt found in the download.



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