Vinewood Art Gallery Interior | [MLO]

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Vinewood Art Gallery MLO Interior

This interior is located in Vinewood near Pacific Bank. Complete Art Gallery interior ready for heist scripts. It has multiple entitysets to enable/disable different props. Shutters, paintings, doors, roof window and more!

- Entrance room
- Main area with paintings
- Security room
- Vault room
- Enable or disable props (Golden egg, roof window with hole, shutters for paintings etc)

Recommend to use together with OPOD Heist Script (SCRIPT NOT INCLUDED!).

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- Drag n' drop, nothing else required. 
- Works with any framework.

27.478, 143.0223, 97.945

All support for this product is run through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you join the discord and DM me.



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