T1GER: Scrapyard


A custom and unique scrapyard / car chopping script. Fully interactive and immersive. Offers great features to enhance criminal activity roleplay but also legal activities.


  • Easily add, remove or edit scrapyards around the map.
  • Configure NPCs, positions, scenarios/animations, blips & markers etc. 
  • Scrapyard swaps after x configurable minutes, only one active at a time. 
  • Compatible with GC-Phone, to receive messages on phone instead of chat.

Car List:

  • Interact with NPC to get the generated car list. 
  • Car-list randomizes every x configurable minutes. 
  • Player must bring one of the listed cars to the scrapyard to chop it down.
  • Add vehicles to randomizer in config with pay-reward for each car. 

Chopping Cars:

  • Upon delivering a vehicle from the list, NPC will spawn, walk to car and analyze.
  • Reward is based on the health of the vehicle. 
  • Configurable options for reward, such as min/max amount, dirty cash etc.
  • Possibility to add items to reward as well, e.g. materials such as scrap_metal etc.


  • Fully functional with OneSync & synced between all players (tested).
  • Integrated feature to lockpick vehicles, use or don't. 
  • Integrated police alerts, easily change to whatever you want in utils.lua file.
  • Language is done through the language.lua file. 
  • Script is almost fully config based, edit to your liking.  


  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • ProgressBars (link in readme, otherwise change to yours)


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