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SubZero Interactive: Garages

This is a Garage system that allows you to store and retrieve Vehicles in customised Parking Lots and Parking Bays.


  • Low Client-Sided ms
  • JSON Storage for vehicle
  • Clean NUI for creation
  • Individual Parking Bays/Lots
  • Option for Vehicle Ownership
  • Configurable Commands and Notifications
  • Option for LegacyFuel
  • Compatible with Fivem-Target and Qtarget
  • Standalone Commands for usage
  • Transfer NPC (allows you to transfer vehicles between Lots)(requires target system)


  • es_extended (v1-final or legacy)


  • FiveM-Target
  • Qtarget
  • Mythic Notify 
  • T Notify 
  • Mysql-Async (Reqiured for using the RequireVehicleOwneship Option)



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