Storage Rooms



Key Features: 


Prop Storage: Set up storage rooms for jobs with interactable props for the items placed inside. A menu allows storing new items into one of the rooms available slots, then players will interact directly with the item to add and remove that item. Props are configurable for each item but default to the money bag, so if you find a prop for an item feel free to add it in.

Theft: Customize each storage rooms difficulty to rob, as well as the alert timing for each room. Police storage rooms are more difficult and alert upon attempt, where a gang storage room is slightly simpler and only alerts once entered.


Integration with non-default minigames for entry

Known Issues:



Es_extended v1-final or lower or ExM


Server file encrypted and code remote loaded through automated credential system. Make sure to fill out credentials correctly, and give the automated system 24 hours to authorize your purchase after finalization. If you experience authorization issues 24 hours after finalization please use the proper support channels to open a ticket.

**Authorization can be revoked at any time due to suspicious credential activity (i.e. Credentials being used on a large amount of servers at one time) Credentials are just important as your password**


Supported only for ESX version 1-final and lower, as well as ExM(if no major overhauls are done to the files), ESX2.0 WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED

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