Opod: Project Cars


Opod: Project Cars



- Project cars is a script that allows players to take a car chassis and build the vehicle from the ground up, It allows players to source for the car parts through scavenging and over time building their dream vehicle where it'll save into the players garage.

- You can choose whether or not you would like to sell blueprints in the config or find them through RNG

- Once the vehicle is built it'll be stored into your vehicle, until then it'll remain in the place where you placed it until it is finally built.



ES_EXTENDED (v1.2 or v1.1)

(Optional) mythic_notify

(Optional) pNotify



- Please refer to the README.md for help on installing as it provides exact details on what needs to be done.

- You will need to start the script and restart the server the first time you use it as the script dynamically uploads 
  the database stuff so that the user would not have to do much work. So whenever you add a new blueprint
  start the server and restart it one time to avoid any issues.

- The server side of this script is remote loaded, ESX side of things are accessible in the config.


For authorisation please go to your modit.store account page and find the token for your order, enter that token into your credentials.lua and start the script on your server.



For support on this purchase, please head to the official modit.store discord and open a developer ticket through the tickets channel. Explain your issue as clear and concise as possible, including your order#, your email, screenshots/videos of the issues you're facing and what attempts you've made to resolve the issue yourself.




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