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Pink Cage Motel [MLO]

This product was made specifically for use with various motel resources, such as Dev James' and Pluto's, however, it can be used in whatever scenario you'd like as it is just a regular MLO. Coordinates/offsets are already set up for DevJames' motels, so this should be plug and play. Pluto's motel will include configuration in the very near feature.

Dev James Motel Resource can be found:

This product is a premium Motel MLO Interior for the pink cage.


Product Description

The most renowned and popular motel in Los Santos, the Pink Cage, has been converted into a fully open and working MLO interior. This means you can walk into every motel room as you would in real life, no teleporting, no shells, nothing. Each room is fitted with minimalist modern furnishings and comes with furniture in place to configure storage and wardrobes (if you purchase the motel scripts to do this). 


- 8 Motel Rooms

- Open plan Living Room / Kitchen Area

- Bedroom with double bed and storage/wardrobe facilities

   - Storage is located inside of the bedroom instead of the living room so nobody can see through the window and abuse you entering your stash.

- Modern bathroom with walk-in shower and toilet

- Should be plug and play within FiveM

This is number one of many more motel MLO projects coming your way to work directly with UTK's Motel Script. 


This is the first version of the motel, if you notice any bugs or issues with it, please report them to me via a ticket and I'll have it updated as fast as possible. Furthermore, If you would like to see any other motels/hotels created please feel free to let me know, as well as any changes to this motel that you'd like to see.

Please note, this product directly supports ModIT and the improvement of the store that brings you all of the custom, unique and innovative development you've seen so far. It is exclusively available here at and if you're linked here via any other shop, it is a scam.



All support for this product is run through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you can join the discord and DM me.


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