ModFreakz: Vehicle Security


Vehicle Security

NoPixel inspired vehicle security and theft system.

Vehicle Security allows players to use items while inside their vehicles to permanently increase the security rating, and allows other more mischievous players to attempt to break through these security measures.

With different types of security systems installed, would-be car thieves are going to need an arsenal of thieving supplies to get away with your vehicle.

Each upgrade item attached to a vehicle has a corresponding item to temporarily disable it. Disabling the security will reset once the car when returned to the garage.

Locked vehicles require the player the lock-pick the door to get inside.



- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)


Recommended Addons (OPTIONAL)

ESX_Carkey (

Lockpicking V2 (



This mod works well with our chop shop mod, creating an economy around car theft.

The vehicle key script you see in the mod is not included. Thats free on github under "esx_carkey".

The lockpicking minigame you see in the mod also is not included, and uses a progress bar as standard for the lockpicking sequence (unless you also have the minigame, and enable it in the config).

Car Control has been updated to support this mod.

There is a config option for non-esx users, and functions to integrate your framework into it, but we offer little to no support on any additions that you might make through these functions while incorporating your own scripts, and as such, list ESX as a dependency/requirement.

Portions of the server-side code will be unavailable to edit, though we are open to requests to expose certain functions and/or add exports/events for your use. While we try to make things as configurable as possible, some things simply cannot be exposed. 



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