ModFreakz: Thermite Minigame


Thermite Minigame

 (Thermite minigame shown at the beginning of the video - Full mod  in the video is available with our Power Plant product)


Full-featured NUI minigame that can be used in any of your mods

Configurable item name required to start minigame

Number of 'item' taken from the player on success or fail is configurable

Set player on fire if fail with configurable percentage chance of it happening

Configurable notifications

Highly configurable difficulty, speed, and score increments for the game

Included sound fx for full immersion

A detailed explanation of how to implement/use in your scripts included in the readme

Currently works with our Power Plant mod (as seen in the video)




- es_extended 



Most of the server-side code for this mod is obfuscated, and a result, you will not have access to edit the entire file. Please consider the implications of this before purchasing the mod. On purchase, the mod may take up to 24 hours to authorize before it works correctly in-game. 



Support is offered as a free service, but never guaranteed. We do not support custom frameworks, highly modified versions of ESX, or deprecated/outdated versions of anything.



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