ModFreakz: Skeletal System


Skeletal System




A highly detailed health/damage system with effects and healing processes.  

Damage tracking of all native bones, with proper categorization

Effects that will simulate more lifelike damage for their appropriate zones

Leg damage will make the player limp, and slow

Arm damage will add more recoil to weapons when firing

Head damage will cause the player's vision to lose focus over time.

Body damage will cause the player to bleed out, eventually to death if medical assistance is not sought.

Player damage is persistent and saved to your database. 

Body bandage, arm, leg and neck brace items included for healing. 




- es_extended v1.2 or lower.




Support is offered as a free service, but never guaranteed. We do not support custom frameworks, highly modified versions of ESX, or deprecated/outdated versions of anything.



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