ModFreakz: Self-Driving A.I.


Self-Driving A.I.


You are running drugs through Los Santos and are really tired of having to pay attention to the road.

You just want to chill the f@#k out already and smoke a joint like a true OG.

You have seen these crazy vids on youtube with cars driving themselves and wonder if you'll ever get to experience the rush of AI driving you to your destination.

Wait no longer, Self Driving cars are *here*.

This mod enables self-driving AI for you and your friends.

Set a destination then press 6 and your car can drive to the ends of Los Santos while you watch.

The freedom to choose is now at your fingertips.

*You* control the speed and the higher the speed the higher the risk.

*You* choose to obey or ignore traffic laws.


Where will you go?


This is an *incredibly* fun mod to toy with, not only with ones self but also with friends!



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