ModFreakz: Home Robbery


House Robberies


We bring a highly versatile, interactive and new mod to FiveM and your RP Servers. ​





House 'difficulty' randomly set per house


Higher difficulty = more pins to lockpick and the higher chance of getting the same loot


NPC Ped is spawned sleeping in the bed - it'll be awoken by high noise levels in the room


AI Dog might spawn outside the home as you leave and will chase you


Sound Meter clearly shows the level of noise you're making


Burgle a home with multiple people at the same time


Inventory checks, dupe and exploit protection (Great for RP servers)


Police notifications, map blips, and 'Press H to set waypoint' option


Police have access to the property without the need to break-in






- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)





Most of the server-side code for this mod is obfuscated, and a result, you will not have access to edit the entire file. Please consider the implications of this before purchasing the mod. On purchase, the mod may take up to 24 hours to authorize before it works correctly in-game.





Support is offered as a free service, but never guaranteed. We do not support custom frameworks, highly modified versions of ESX, or deprecated/outdated versions of anything.



Neither I, ModIt or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, or incentivise these types of activities or any activities relating to criminal acts in real life; These mods are purely for a role-play environment and video game/gameplay purposes.



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