ModFreakz: Crafting Table


Crafting Table


We bring a highly versatile, interactive and new mod to FiveM and your RP Servers. Fully configurable, create your recipes and craft away. ​





Crafting table as an item. If used it'll create a useable table


Multiple options to how the crafting works. Requires recipe item or allow players to 'guess' recipes


Create any recipe in a 3x3 grid layout


Configurable individual crafting time for each recipe


Allow yours to trade/sell/buy 'recipe' items that will permit players to craft that item


Learn-on-craft option


Inventory checks, dupe and exploit protection (Great for RP servers)







- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)






Most of the server-side code for this mod is obfuscated, and a result, you will not have access to edit the entire file. Please consider the implications of this before purchasing the mod. On purchase, the mod may take up to 24 hours to authorize before it works correctly in-game.






Support is offered as a free service, but never guaranteed. We do not support custom frameworks, highly modified versions of ESX, or deprecated/outdated versions of anything.



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