Mission Builder


Mission Builder

Setup Weapon/Drug/Rare Item events around your city. Have your players find the NPC of your choice to gain information on potentially lucrative events happening around Los Santos. 

Can your players sneak in undetected and get the goods or will it end up in a shootout?


- Includes 4 pre-set missions: Bank Shipment Heist, Weed Deal Intercept, Precious Metals Robbery, Weapons Shipment
- Ability to add your own missions via the config.
- Setup Multiple Mission Types
- Choose Type/Accuracy/Weapons/Quantity of NPC's defending the event.
- Choose different objects for your players to loot at these missions along with the rewards
- Built in Police Notifications
- Commands for testing your newly made missions.
- Compatible with fivem-target system (Included but not required)

This script idles at 0.01ms and only peaks to 0.05ms momentarily when speaking to a security gaurd.


Supported Frameworks:

ESX 1.1
ESX 1.2
ESX v1final

The server side files of this product are obfuscated and will not be available for you to edit. Anything that you can or would want to customise has been added to the Config file. If anything is missing you can request for it to be exposed.

Support will only be given through the ModIT discord for the base copy of this script. Any edits to the config or files must be done after fully testing the base version.

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