ModFreakz: Trailers



"ModFreakz: Trailers" is your one stop solution for hauling vehicles of all types on your server.

This mod makes it extremely easy to configure any and all custom trailers for your server. Copy paste a few lines, change a model name an you're done!

Provided with this mod is a garage that must be used to withdraw and store your trailers.

Features complete saving of all attached vehicles that are deposited with a trailer.

Features proper trailer attachment, saving the vehicle at the point where you attached it to the trailer, and not with some weird rotation/position offset that you have to pre-define.

Ownership protection (other players can't tamper with your trailers).

Configurable to allow only set jobs to interact with trailers, or allow all players to use them.

Watch the preview video for more information.



- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)



The vehicle shown in the preview video is not included with the mod.

Does not work well with OneSync.



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