ModFreakz: Weedplant V2

ModFreakz: Weed Plants V2


- es_extended v1 final (Might work on others, no guarantee)
- mf-housing-v3 (Found on
- mf-furni-v3 (Found on
- fivem-target
- mysql-async
- mf-inventory (Purchase separately on Required for some extra compatibility/features and to work plug and play, not *completely required* if you know how to make the required changes yourself.)
- txadmin (For automatic saving on server restarts. Not completely required if you have the ability to modify an event slightly).


- Allow players to create weed plants anywhere in the world.
- Support for mf-housing-v3, where placing a plant inside a house allows persistent temperature control.
- Support for mf-furni-v3, where furniture props can be toggled to achieve desired effects (think: Lights for light, Aircon for temp, etc), and where furniture props can be used as inventory items (with mf-inventory) to allow players to sell/trade (and get caught with) illegal hydrophonic items.
- Support for mf-inventory, where shops can be generated (with an example included) by config files, with automatically changing "strain of the day" items.
- Ability to configure multiple strains, with each strain having "preferences" regarding temperature, humidity and lighting.
- Custom gameobject models to further simulate the planting system (empty pot before adding soil, soiled pot with no plant). <3 Kambi.
- Use different soils on empty pot plants to modify the growth rate of the seed planted inside.
- Seeds/plants have genders.
- Wild seed growths configurable within the world, giving unknown gendered seeds for free. Unknown gendered seeds are resolved when planted.
- Automatic item generation (so you don't have to add all corresponding items to the database any time you add a strain).
- Plants don't have "owners", so any player can interact with any plant in the world (keep them safe in houses).
- Extensive configuration options for virtually everything.



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