ModFreakz: Multicharacter



Multicharacter is an ESX addon that aims to provide a replacement for "ESX_Kashacters" and "ESX_Identity", without nuking your database with excessive update calls to change player identifiers.



This resource requires a number of modifications to other resources (listed in dependencies). You should not attempt to purchase and install this mod if modifying code beyond the config files is not within your skillset. All information regarding installation is provided in the README file included, and support will not be given with installation.



- Multiple character support.

- Configurable character slot count.

- Extra character slots for donators.

- Character selection screen.

- Character registration panel.

- Supporting ESX V1.1, V1.2 and V1 Final.

- Convert command to (hopefully) convert all previous ESX/Kashacters player data to new system. (not guaranteed to work)



- es_extended (v1.1, v1.2 or v1 final, only the official versions supported) (modifications required).

- esx_skin (modifications required).

- skinchanger (modifications required).

- mysql-async.



A large portion of this script is obfuscated and remote loaded. Please consider the implications of this before attempting to purchase (namely, you won't be able to edit many parts of this resource). Also, if the convert doesn't work, its likely you will have to wipe your player's data to implement this mod.



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