ModFreakz: Library



This mod provides your players with the ability to read and write books of their own, using a powerful NUI in-game text editor.

All actions are performed with clean animations, such as reaching for and returning a book from the bookshelf, or sitting down to read or edit a book.

A set job (configurable) will be responsible for reviewing all books that are published before they reach the shelves for your players to read. They will also have the ability to remove books from the shelves directly if they believe they don't meet your servers standards. 

Players can optionally tip authors after reading their book. 

Authors have the ability to add and remove collaborative editors to their books.



- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)



The library seen in the preview video is not included with the mod.

This is neither a job nor a player owned business. You set a job name in the config, and anybody from that job group is able to moderate/access the librarian menu inside. No revenue/income is generated for the librarian, but tips are able to be given to authors.

This mod has a large portion of the server side code obfuscated, making it impossible to edit. While we update things to add configuration options and to expose certain functions for customers, some things simply won't be exposed. If you purchase this script please keep this in mind, as we do not offer the completely obfuscated version.

 Limited support is offered (but never guaranteed) through the discord support ticket system. We offer this support service free of charge and it is not "included with this purchase".



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