ModFreakz: Housing v3

ModFreakz: Housing v3

- Creating player housing through in-game commands and UIs.
- Most of the familiar features of Housing v2/Allhousing.
- ESX Society support.
- Mortgage/financing support.
- Visit the locksmith to create keys for players, or to reset the locks on your house.
- Yards/properties defined by using PolyZone.
- Multiple vehicle deposit/withdraw locations can be defined inside the yard.
- Spawn in last house on login.
- And more, check the preview video above.

- es_extended (v1 Final/v1.2)
- esx_datastore 
- mysql-async    
- fivem-target   
- meta_libs         
- PolyZone     
- mythic_interiors 
- mf-inventory  
- *mf-furni-v3       
- *mf-doors           
* = optional


- all paid dependencies are sold separately on
- mf-furni-v3 required for furniture store, furniture presets and furniture placement funtionality.
- mf-doors required for door functionality.
- mythic_interiors is only used for the example shells.
- mf-furni-v3 is pictured in the preview video. It is not included with this product.
- The server-side is partially obfuscated.



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