ModFreakz: Graffiti / Spray Paint


Graffiti / Spray Paint

"Graffiti / Spray Paint" allows your players to leave their artwork all over the city using textures rendered in 3d.

Spray paint cans used from the inventory allow the player to select from a pre-defined list of artwork to paint. Optionally, if you have the config var enabled, players are allowed to enter a custom URL for their piece. You can also overwrite nearby tags (if you can reach them), striking out rival gangs graffiti art and replacing it with your own!

A sponge item is included to function as a way for graffiti to be removed (a great trivial punishment for those who are caught by the police while painting illegally).

To create more logos/graffiti for your players to use, you simply need to supply an extra set of options in the config table with a url linking to your image. Information is provided in the readme.




input (provided)



The server side of this script is remote loaded (disregard ESX portions).

Consider the implications of this before purchasing. Code will not be exposed.





Neither I, ModIt or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, or incentivise these types of activities or any activities relating to criminal acts in real life; These mods are purely for a role-play environment and video game/gameplay purposes.



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