ModFreakz: Furni v3

ModFreakz: Furni v3

Skip to 1:24 to view Furni in the video.

- Add furniture to 'mf-housing-v3/ModFreakz: Housing v3'.
- Most of the familiar features of mf-furni-v2.
- Furnish interior and exterior/yard of houses.
- Raycasted furniture placement using flycam.
- Stores with visual displays for categorized furniture.
- Ability to create furniture 'presets' with the help of in-game commands.
- Intuitive UI manages large quantities of furniture basically as well as you want to define them.

- mf-housing-v3 (and all dependencies)

- mf-housing-v3 is displayed in the preview video. It is not included with this product.
- The entire server-side is obfuscated.



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