ModFreakz: Foliage

ModFreakz: Foliage


Add foliage to your server without the use of map addons.
Generation is procedural and can be configured/modified to great extents.
Simply create your zone using the in-game UI, tweak and preview your zone until you're happy with the result, and then click save. Next time your server restarts, you'll have a permanent zone that generates exactly the same for every user on your server.

Bonus feature: You can both hug and fell/chop down the trees.
Exports to retrieve/add carried log count included.
No job included.

- PolyZone (
- meta_libs (
- [OPTIONAL (For tree interactions)] fivem-target (

The actual foliage chunk loading is somewhat experimental at this stage, future optimizations may be planned.
Only comes with one biome configured by default (forest biome).
At least some baseline coding knowledge would be beneficial (maybe required) in leveraging this script to it fullest.

GTA has a limitation on objects spawned, somewhere around 3000 objects. A notification will be shown in game if this limit is breached.
Overpopulating a zone will easily cause you to breach the object limit.
Too large of a zone will cause slow load times and (potentially) resource usage warnings (remedied by using the "group" tool in the UI).
This entire resource is somewhat experimental and simply won't stand up to abuse (attempting to foliage your whole map or something extreme).



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