ModFreakz: Evidence

ModFreakz: Evidence
mf-evidence aims to provide a solution to deposition, tracking, retrieval and cataloguing of all ammo, blood and fingerprint evidence in your server.

- Players drop blood on hp loss (configurable amount).
- Players drop ammo casing (can be configured to "gunshot residue" with few modifications) on weapon fired.
- Export to add fingerprint evidence at other locations (think: robberies, heists, etc).
- Item metadata containing all relevant evidence item information.
- Container items used to create "case file" for evidence cataloguing.
- Evidence lockup, to store evidence safely.
- es_extended (any version should work)
- mf-inventory
- meta_target

The server-side portion of this code is remote loaded into your server.
Please consider the implications of this (mainly that you cannot edit the server files) before purchase.
We will not expose code unless absolutely necessary.



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