ModFreakz: Doors





This door script gives you far greater control over how you players can gain access through doorways.

You can restrict door usage to job type and rank, using items to unlock, or you can use basically any mini-game with a callback.

Each door is highly configurable, allowing you to set values such as break-in minigame difficulties, raid access for certain jobs, and whether or not the door can be unlocked using keys/items.

Multiple door control from a single access point, with only one set of drawtext/interact text per set of doors.

A shop where you can sell keys is also included in this mod (and you can also add as many other shops as you might want), with a neat and functional UI frame.

Shop keys are also restricted by job rank and grade, allowing you to make job-specific keys available for purchase.


Configurable options for chunking of door locations, giving you greater control over resource responsiveness and resource usage.



- ESX (ES_Extended) V1.2 and older.

[INCLUDED] Lockpicking

- [OPTIONAL] mHacking

[OPTIONAL] Lockpicking V2

[OPTIONAL] Thermite



Minimal doors come pre-configured by default. You will be responsible for deciding which doors to add, and adding to the config file yourself.

This script obfuscated and remote loaded on the server-side. This means you will not be able to modify the server side of the code, and you will always need the correct credentials in order for the script to work. Please consider the implications of this (mainly the fact that you can't see or edit the server-side portion of this mod) before purchasing.

Support is offered as a courtesy for basic installation through the discord.

The "Thermite" and "Lockpicking V2" mini-games displayed in the video and pictures are not included with this script. We are displaying the compatibility to use most/any mini-game available with a callback with this script (with minor adjustments). Other displayed mini-games are either available publicly or included with the mod. Support for all mini-games listed in requirements (optional, included and required) is included by default.



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