ModFreakz: Playerhousing V2


Playerhousing V2

   (A.K.A: Allhousing)


Using individual interior shells for housing (not instancing).

- Support for NativeUI or ESX Menu. 

 - Supports ESX v1.2 or lower.

- Support for regular ESX identity or ESX Kashacters.

- Limited support for non-ESX users. Exposed framework functions allow you to change anything related to ESX.

- Support for all of K4MB1's shells as default (not included, just supported).

- Configurable house and garage robbery options.

- Configurable raiding options for police.

- Real estate jobs support (select jobs can create and sell houses on the fly, and receive a predefined percentage of the income for selling the house).

- Personal garages attached to houses.

- Open-ended weather sync functions to hook up to your weather systems.

- Highly configurable.



- es_extended v1.2 or lower (NOTE: This mod was designed with non-ESX users in mind as well, but there is a lot to change. Keep this in mind if you opt to purchase this mod and you don't use ex_extended on your server).

- ModFreakz: Furni V2 (To furnish the house, not completely required for base functionality).

- mythic_interiors (The default shells used). 

- Simple input mod provided for free (to set house prices).

- Simple lockpicking minigame provided for free (to break in to houses/garages).


ESX Requirements

- ESX_Garage (or similar).

- ESX_Datastore (for wardrobes).

- ESX_InventoryHud (if using house inventories).



NativeUI & Draw3DText || ESXMenu & DrawMarker & UseHelpText || Realestate House Creation



This script is obfuscated to some extent. This is to prevent re-trading of our products. This will inevitably limit what you can edit on the server side, though we do take requests to expose certain functions that people may need to use. This script also uses a webhook to verify your credentials for use, and can take up to 24 hours to authorize before working correctly. If your credentials are paired with suspicious activity (large quantities of servers attempting to connect via your credentials, etc), your authorization may be removed and you will be blacklisted from our system. Please take care with your credentials, and treat them with the same value as you do your password.



Customers who previously purchased ModFreakz: PlayerHousing may be eligible for discount on this product. For more information, join the discord and find the #redeem-housing channel under the support category.



All support for this mod is ran through the discord, and/or the ModFreakz discord.

Support is provided free of charge as a courtesy, and no response is guaranteed within any time frame. Please be patient when asking for support and avoid resorting to private messaging. 

ModFreakz Discord || Modit Store Discord

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