MC Club Interior | Silver Tier [MLO]



This is a custom MLO interior designed with Biker's in mind; An epic MC club interior with two different floors.


I made this knowing there are a lot of biker gangs out there that want a fully customized, multi-floor club, away from the population.


The product contains:

1st floor:


1. A bunch of tables and chairs for you to drink beer at

2. A robust design with pillars to fill out the room area.

3. A strip area with a big scene and a bunch of armchairs

4. A big heavy bar with beer bumps, sinks, refrigerators, bottles, glasses, cans etc.

5. Bar speakers at the highest corners of the bar (both sides)

6. discplayer to the right of the entrance.


This comes in two different resources, and it has to be started as two different resources.


Wanna be one of the coolest MC clubs? 

Improve your ''MC CLUB'' roleplay today with this incredible 3D-interior design. 



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