Matif: Standalone Banking


Matif: Standalone Banking


Tired of having the same bank interface as everyone else? This is the perfect script for you.

This script includes a modern but simple bank and atm UI that can be compatible with many frameworks. This interface includes a dark and a light theme to suit your player preferences, they just have to press a button to change their theme. This theme will be saved automatically to the database.

Distinct from other bank scripts this script allows you to create 2 goals so you can put your savings just like in many banking apps in real life.


- Everything can be changed to your language/currency easily in the config file.
This config file also has many other things you can change as you can see here: config.lua

- It also has the normal functions of a banking app: depositing money, withdrawing money, and transferring money to another player.


- By the script being "standalone", this script is basically operational for every framework since you can change all needed functions in the config file to make it compatible with the framework you're using, however, the file you download upon purchase is prepared for ESX V1-Final

- matif_needs (

- mysql-async (



All support for this product is ran through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs. Alternatively, you can join the discord and DM me. discord can be found at the bottom of the page you are right now.

Please note, this product may have all or parts of its code obfuscated and/or remote loaded for security. This means you may not have access to all of the code within the files and in turn, may not be able to make the changes/additions you want.

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