Matif: Moving Job


Have you been looking for a legal job that your players can work on together? The moving job is the perfect co-op legal job to have on your server.



- QBCore

- Any (If you make the required changes)

The script is designed to work with every framework available, however, it is only setup to work with esx and qbcore "plug and play". To make it work with any other framework you just need to swap some lines in “functions.lua” that are relevant to your current framework as it only requires the framework for player payment and to check if you're an admin.

Features:- Targetting system can be activated and its triggers are also included in this functions, not-encrypted file.

- This script also includes a house configurator, an animation configurator, and a drop-off configurator so that you and your developers can easily add new locations diversifying the job even further.- You can modify and translate this script in "config.lua" as well.

Requirements: matif_needs (


All support for this product is run through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs. Alternatively, you can join the discord and DM me. discord can be found at the bottom right of the webpage you are in currently.

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