Law Enforcement: Evidence Lockers


Law Enforcement: Evidence Lockers



- Evidence Lockers is a new system that allows weapons to be confiscated from a player and stored into a raid-able evidence locker. The script has over 30+ customisable features as of this current version. It includes a custom door system which can be enabled / disabled depending on if you are using another door system.

- There's currently 2 different options to choose from for raiding the locker. You may use thermite or C4, You may choose one of the two options in the config file.

- Each locker has a set limit to it, There is an option to enable / disable a timer where every x amount of minutes the Main Evidence Locker clears itself.

- Once all the evidence lockers are full up, The police may start a convoy to move all the loot from the evidence lockers to the main evidence locker. Weapons can be            confiscated by adding it to the police job menu very simply just follow the README file, It is very detailed for anyone who may have any issues.



ES_EXTENDED (v1.2, v1.1 or v1 final)

(Optional) esx_inventoryHUD

(Optional) mythic_notify

(Optional) pNotify


(Use for Doors) mHacking


- Please refer to the for help on installing as it provides exact details on what needs to be done.

- You will need to start the script and restart the server the first time you use it as the script dynamically uploads
  the database stuff so that the user would not have to do much work. So whenever you add a new evidence locker
  start the server and restart it one time to avoid any issues.

- The server side of this script is remote loaded, ESX side of things are accessible in the config.


For authorisation please go to your account page and find the token for your order, enter that token into your credentials.lua and start the script on your server.



For support on this purchase, please head to the official discord and open a developer ticket through the tickets channel. Explain your issue as clear and concise as possible, including your order#, your email, screenshots/videos of the issues you're facing and what attempts you've made to resolve the issue yourself.


Neither I, ModIt or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, or incentivise these types of activities or any activities relating to criminal acts in real life; These mods are purely for a role-play environment and video game/gameplay purposes



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