Kof Gameshow

This plugin aims to bring more entertainment to your FiveM Server. Using your own creativity and the tools provided by this resource, you can create your own Game Show. Some of these tools include a stage, platforms and even a Spinning Wheel to bring more possibilities for the show!

Hope you have fun and don't forget to be creative! 
- 2 Side tables, 1 Center table, 1 Wheel Holder and 1 Wheel. (Props)
- Host controls the movement of each prop.
- Multiple configurations on the config.lua file:
-- Lights (Position, intensity, radius);
-- Speed of the tables and wheel movement;
-- Speed of the Wheel Spinning;
-- Change the Entrance position;
-- Spawn a wheel in any place on the map (/spawnwheelhere);
- None;
- Map and props included;
- The entire server-side and client-side is obfuscated.
Here are the links:
- Showcase: https://youtu.be/Qaq5B40GoEc 
- Explaining Everything: https://youtu.be/8pWLI1XYDwU 
- Spawning the wheel and using it: https://youtu.be/cHXfm5Ps4-8



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