Kepo: Company Robbery



A robbery that allows to rob any company. First you'll crack the safe, then you will hack a computer and wait for the money to transfer to your bank.
Compatible with ESX FEATURES

  • Police notify
  • Safe breach
  • Hacking stage
  • Add any job to the list
  • Edit random cut procentage from the robbery standard is 5 - 10% of the companys balanace
  • Minimun cops online configurable
  • Editable time between a robbery on the same company
  • Editable transfer time for the money • You can easily change the translation • The money received from the robbery is taken from the company balance • No .sql file is needed everything is inserted automatic in your database.
  • Feature which allows you to take max 3 items from the robbed company's storage. This can be turned off in config.

This script is IP-locked please send a pm to me in discord @Kepo#2052


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