JD Converse High Top (Female Only)

-  Comes with 26 Designs
-  Has visual sun effects and shine
- High Quality Work
- Drag and Drop Ready
This is a clothing item for the game GTAV and not an actual clothing item to be received in real life, this clothing is made to be worn by player models within the game.
It is Addon or Replace, requests can be made within the discord for new items.
mods > x64v.rpf > models > cdimages > streamedpedsmp.rpf > mp_f_freemode_01
Or Addon with it being drag and drop.
For support on this purchase, please head to the official modit.store discord and open a developer ticket through the tickets channel. Explain your issue as clear and concise as possible, including your order#, your email, screenshots/videos of the issues you're facing and what attempts you've made to resolve the issue yourself.

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