MCS - Vehicle Framework *REWORKED*

+ Features 


> * Engine Overheating *NEW* = Highspeed for a long time / reckless Driving Causes Vehicle to Overheat and eventually blow


> * Tires Pressure *NEW* = Burnouts or Long Periods of Drifting / Causes Tires to Burst (They All HAve Individual Health)


> * Miles System *REMADE* = Vehicle Mileage Can Be Tracked Based Off Distance and Can Be Used To Slow Down the vehicle over tiem (Based Off MCS-Miles 1.0.3) This Is A New Restructed System to perform way better and More Smooth
/addPlate - adds plate to db if for some reason its not adding


add this trigger to the vehicle shop (client side)
when they buy a vehicle [**TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:add:mileageUpdate' plate, miles)**]


> * Performance System *NEW* = Have you ever got tired of LSC being useless to mods and does not really make your car faster or handle better have you ever just needed that edge well now you can this new system 
Helps Make LSC worth the 100 Grand Engine upgrades this System uses your Vehicle Mods and uses a algorithm to add the corresponding power , torque, wheel spin, and grip to your vehicles based off your mods 


You NEED to trigger this everytime the vehicle is spawned to sync the mods to the vehicle
> TriggerEvent('mcs-vs:syncdata')


> * Aero System *TESTEING* = Uses Vehicles Bumpers/Spoilers/Skirts to add/decrease weight and downforce as wheel as grip and cornering

Video :
f Video :

-- TriggerEvent('mcs-vs:syncdata') -- Use This When You Spawn A Car (i.e Police Garage, Personal Garages, House Garages, Dealership etc)
-- TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:add:mileageUpdate' plate, miles) -- Use This When You Buy A Car From The Dealership Or When You Want To Add Miles To The Vehicle
-- TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:sub:mileageUpdate' plate, miles) -- Use This To Remove Miles From A Specific Plate
***Update 10-22-2020***
To solve the Server Error With Miles Script You will need to update your Script I will upload here shortly seems the event that was triggered when entering a new vehicle did not like to share the same event with updating miles so I separated them and now it works -- TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:add:Plate',plate, miles) -- ***NOTE*** -> if miles is not defined in this event it will just give a random number from 1k-9k for example (i.e. TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:add:Plate',plate) -- will produce a random number in the db with the plate good for used cars or diversity in the dealership) -- TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:add:mileageUpdate',plate, miles) -- TriggerServerEvent('mcs-vs:sub:mileageUpdate',plate, miles) --- Police Section Now Included This will increase all emergency Vehicles With A Trigger on spawn :D to make the vehicle catch up or add some boost edit in config
*it uses the syncdata trigger*

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