Housing Multi-Pack [Shells]



This product is a pack of 3 housing shells.

 Discord - https://discord.gg/W5u8UXb


This MLO pack consists of 3 similar housing shells that are created from props, giving them the

ability to be used with housing scripts. These houses have a clean and natural aesthetic

fit for any middle class citizen to purchase and live in.



 Lower Class Shell:

- Basic design with a basement aesthetic
- living room/bedroom
- bathroom

Middle Class Shell:

- Basic Open plan design with a little more style
- Wood Flooring
- Living Room
- Kitchen
- Bathroom

Upper Class Shell:

- Open plan living room / kitchen
- Downstairs Bathroom/Cupboard
- Upstairs Landing Area
- Bathroom
- Master Bedroom


 All support for this product is run through modit.store discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you can join the modit.store discord and DM me.





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