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A simple but essential resource for your server, allowing the sale of player owned vehicles. Players can list their currently owned vehicle for sale using the selling contract and other players can find the vehicle, test drive it and purchase it via the buying contract.

1. Buying/Selling Contract.

2. Ability to give Car dealer society cut from selling!

3. Well Optimized 0.01/0.07 ms. (Idle/Active)

4. You can add as much as XYZ you want for showing the vehicle for sale (Currently there's 30 XYZ).

5. You can Test drive the vehicle before buying.

6. Showing Phone number of the seller (Only support GCPhone).

7. Ability to change blip icon/text/color.

8. Player can pay with bank or money, According to what can cover the car price.

9. Ability to add Discord Webhook to log every car sold or bought!

10. You can translate the resource with the language you want. (Every language that GTA accept their characters, e.g. Arabic not supported).


- ESX 1.0~1.2


Some or all of this script are obfuscated and remote loaded. This means you will not have full access to all of the code to make your own additions or alterations. If you would like some portion of code exposed, you can make a request via gxteams "Request" channel in the modit store discord.

IMPORTANT: This script doesn't support Multi-character! 


For support on this product, please head to the official modit.store discord and open a developer ticket through the tickets channel. Explain your issue as clear and concise as possible, including your order#, email, screenshots/videos of the issue you're facing and any attempts you've made to remedy that issue.


For authorisation please go to your modit.store account page, find the token for your order, enter that token into your credentials.lua and start the script on your server.

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