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Welcome to gmx_TDM, The name describe the resource, it's basically, Team death match for your ESX Server, Probably you may use it as an event, or something that players use to take a break from RP



1. Ability to control the time of respawn after player dying in TDM.

2. Ability to control how much time the single match take.

3. Fully Custom HTML scoreboard and Score counter!

4. Ability enable or disable Blip on map.

5. Kills notification for who's in TDM math (X Killed Y), You have the Ability to disable it!

6. Ability to choose only a specific weapon for TDM or use their weapon. (The resource only gives the weapon you select, so you need to put some rules!)

7. Ability Remove Custom weapon from the Player after TDM finish or not.

8. Ability to determine how much ammo should they spawn with.

9. Ability to Change the coords of everything. (if you have custom map, or something)

10. You can translate the resource with the language you want. (Every language that GTA-V accept their characters, e.g. Arabic not supported).


Don't rename the folder name.


Map Credit:

Our lovely Mapper, @Etsh#2649

NOTE: Please note, for security purposes some of the code for this script is encrypted and remote loaded. While we try to accommodate all customers needs, we're not able to expose all of our script. This means that some, if not all of the code is likely un-editable by you. You may request changes via ticket or PM on discord.



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