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This is a highly configurable Multi-Title launcher for your community. Originally designed and developed for FiveM, it has been expanded to support RedM as well as limited support for some Steam games!  Elevate your community to the next level.


This product must be assembled custom. Additional steps are required after ordering.


  • Allow Players to connect directly to your server without having to go through the FiveM "Direct Connect" screen and without having to give your IP out.
  • Custom message panels that can be changed with simple HTML files to suit your needs and they can be changed anytime you would like.
  • Multi-Game/server support.
  • Highly customizable
  • Change colors, fonts, images, etc all through a config file.


  1. A webserver capable of hosting HTML webpages.
  2. A knowledge of how to upload and edit files on your webserver.
  3. CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) must be enabled for your webserver.
    1. Some webservers allow this to be done using a .htaccess file, which is included in the file that you were provided.
    2. For more information on enabling CORS for your specific webserver you can visit or consult with your hosting provider.
  4. Cloudflare DDoS protection is not compatible with this product and must be disabled.

Please Note

This product is made-to-order and the seller requires information prior to product delivery.

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