Fishing Simulator


Fishing Simulator:
Do you want to add some more depth to your servers Fishing job? Don't think it should just be a case of sitting their catching the same fish over and over? Think there should be some skill or knowledge to be good at fishing?

Well with this script you can do just that.


- Different Types of Fishing Poles.
- Different types of Reels.
- Different types of Lines. 
- Different types of Baits. 
- Different types of Hooks.
- Configure your rod through custom UI,
- Place to buy all your fishing equipment.
- Will need appropriate equipment for the fish you plan on catching. 
- Fish anywhere not just the ocean. 
- Custom Fishing Minigame while fishing. Ability to reel your line in and out as you wish. 
- Huge Pool of Fish to catch with different depths, strengths and speeds.
- Random Events upon catching certain fish. 
- Place to sell your fish. ( Multiple able to be setup in Config)

 Configure your own Fishing Equipment, Fish, Sales Locations and Equipment stores or use the huge default     selection.



Support can be expected for the base version of this script and its requirements provided to you upon purchase, after any modifications are made to the available/obfuscated code, you are no longer entitled to this support.
I do not offer any installation help as is installed like any other resource. Please make sure you know how to install a basic resource before purchase.

Please note, this product may have all or parts of its code obfuscated and/or remote loaded for security. This means you may not have access to all of the code within the files and in turn, may not be able to make the changes/additions you want.

*Provided with digital download.

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