[FIB] Federal Investigation Bureau Heist

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ESX, GTAV, Script

To work out of the box, this script requires a map by K4MB1 that can be bought here.

FIB heist script made for ESX. It allows you to rob the FIB and steal cash.

Video showcasing the script


• ESX (any version should work)

• A police job, doesn't matter as long as the ESX job name is "police" (or something else, you can change it in the config)

• K4MB1's FIB map, which can be bought here.



• Change the ESX events used to load ESX

• Change the function to add money

• Change the 3D text function.

• Toggle 3D text on/off

• Choose the name for the police job, if you have some custom police name

• Change cops required to start the heist

• Everything can be translated in the config 


This script is ip-locked! (And encrypted, you can't change the code! Contact me for suggestions.) When you've bought it, send your SERVER IP to me on discord DM (@Loaf Scripts#7785)

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