T1GER: Truck Robbery

ESX, GAMEPLAY, hot, Script

This is an armored truck robbery script! Great extra feature for criminals to earn some extra money!


  • Players can rob armored trucks in San Andreas!
  • Nice hacking animation and hacking minigame, before mission is retrieved.
  • You can set a cooldown timer on missions, to prevent players from grinding money.
  • Missions are synced very well, so players cannot get the same mission as another player, if its ongoing.
  • Add items as reward on top of money, also a few config options for this!
  • You can easily add more armored truck missions in the config.
  • Integrated police notification, no need for additional police notify script.
  • 70+ in-game things/features in config file you can edit/adjust
  • Everything is config based, very easy to use/edit to your liking.

Showcase: https://streamable.com/h9rif

Framework: ESX

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