Lazarus: Emergency Controls


Emergency Controls

 Feel free to send me a message if you would like help setting up custom sirens with this script.
(Note: This script is not currently compatible with ELS cars, as ELS cars lights are linked to their extras)

Core Features

  • Server-Side Light Controls. When you activate a light or a siren, 
    everyone on the server near the sirens will hear them activate at the same time as you.
    The sirens are independant of each other. 
    You may run as many of them as you like at once, creating a mixture of sirens if you wish.
    You can switch between Chirp Mode and Wailing Mode. 
    (Chirp Mode: Only while held down - Wailing Mode: Normal sirens)
    If you get out of the vehicle, the sirens will automatically stop, but the lights will stay on.
    Controls are customizable for keyboard and gamepad separately.
    You can customize the sirens to any sirens that you would like, 
    provided they exist in your client and are supported in FiveM.
    Your sirens are independent of your lights. 
    You can use sirens without the lights being on.
    If you turn on your sirens you can turn on your lights 
    afterwards without killing the siren sounds.
  • Optional Features (Config.EnableHUD)

  • You will have a status bar at the bottom right of the screen 
    (adjustable by editing the position for #emergency_controls in app.css)
    Each bar will change colors to show you what mode you are in, 
    and which sirens are active.
    Compatible with default WraithRS positioning if you use it. 
    (See Preview)



(3/7/2020) - Made HUD independent from ESX 
(4/17/2020) - Make Sure Only Driver Can Interact With Sirens
(6/16/2020) - Major Version Update + Rework - Add Ability To Retroactively Change Sirens While In-Game
(11/9/2020) - Rework and Clean-up. Sirens shutting off should be fixed. Removed leftover ESX text.
(11/9/2020 [part 2]) - Fix 2 not capitalized letters
(11/10/2020) - Fix failure to get vehicle class
(11/11/2020) - Fix bug that happens sometimes about checking ControllActive and InVehicle
[Please View #tutorials channel(Lazarus category) in ModIT Discord 
for guides on how to edit/customize sirens. Guide For Update In Progress]

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