Dirk's Taco Store


Taco Store:

Work together with your friends to help Rodriguez have the best Taco Store in Los Santos. He has 3 Tasks for you:
 - Deliveries
 - Taco Truck Sales**
 - Cooking

You will only be able to deliver if you have Tacos prepared. Tacos Prepared are synced across each client so you can all work together to prepare and then deliver tacos.

The script is heavily customisable in the config and could theoretically be converted for any food item. Also included is a free oxy runs script (Check the end of the video) 


Support can be expected for the base version of this script and its requirements provided to you upon purchase, after any modifications are made to the code, you are no longer entitled to this support.
I do not offer any installation help as is installed like any other resource. Please make sure you know how to install a basic resource before purchase.

*Provided with digital download.

**Requires you to not have peds/locals disabled in your city. If you don't you can modify the client side of TacoTrucks Mission however you will not get support for this.

Please note, this product may have all of parts of its code obfuscated and/or remote loaded for security. This means you may not have access to all of the code within the files and in turn, may not be able to make the changes/additions you want.

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